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Name:Laura Barclay
Company:Civility & Etiquette Centre, LLC
Title:Etiquette, Civility & International Communications Expert
Address:3260 Haviland Court Suite 101 Palm Harbor, FL 34684
City:Tampa / Minneapolis
Country:United States of America
Phone No:1-7275591224
Cell No:18135797087
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Laura Barclay
Civility, Etiquette & International Communications Expert

The Civility & Etiquette Centre, LLC s is the leading etiquette, protocol, and refinement training and coaching company in the Midwest and Southeaset. The Civility & Etiquette Centre provides training and one-on-one coaching in social etiquette, business etiquette, international protocol, and executive refinement. Some of the topics we cover are:

- Dining for Profit
- Interviewing Etiquette
- Business Etiquette Essentials for Women
- Office Communication in the 21st Century
- Power Networking - Your Personal Brand
- International Protocol for Effective Client Interactions
- Respect in the Workplace
- Leadership Respect in the Workplace
- Suiting Up - Your Professional Image

- Wedding Etiquette
- Dining Etiquette for the Bridal Party
- Dating Etiquette
- Online Dating Etiquette

Children & Teens
- Social & Dining Etiquette
- International Communications
- Dating Etiquette
- Etiquette for the College Rush

- and more!

All workshops may be customized for your specific needs and additional programs developed as needed.

Laura A. Barclay, is a Certified Etiquette Consultant with expertise in social etiquette, business etiquette, international protocol, refinement, and employee relations. Laura has helped thousands of people learn to interact and communicate more effectively. She has been featured on both television and radio, quoted in the Columbus Dispatch, Minnesota Business Magazine, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Myrtle Beach Sun, Seattle Times, St. Paul Pioneer Pressand co-authored the book, The Refined Leader.

Ms. Barclay has extensive experience within the business and educational arenas, having provided consulting and training programs for Aegon's law department, Drake Beam Morin (DBM), Fowler White Boggs Banker, Association of Legal Administrators, Maytag, Bell South, PacificCare, Uni-Systems, and others. Ms. Barclay has a Master's degree in Management and Organizational Sociology from the University of Minnesota.
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